Your safety is our top priority!

We always strive to reach your desired destinations in such a way that you return back home safe and relaxed from your sailing trip.
Our skippers have all the necessary training to run this type of sailing yachts along with thousands of nautical miles of experience. In addition to the respective national language, the skippers all have sufficient knowledge of the English language.


Due to unpredictable weather conditions it may be necessary to change the itinerary so that the original route may not be adhered to. Our skippers constantly keep themselves informed via port offices and weather online services to ensure a relaxed and safe journey.
Our skipper/captain will inform you about any safety relevant information. It is mandatory to follow his instructions.
Our collaboration with Sea-Help ensures immediate assistance (transport) in case of illness or injury. This is organized via SAR.

Arrival, transfer

We are happy to help you plan your arrival, be it by car or by plane.

Of course we also organize the transfer from the airport to the marina.


In order to find everything you need on the yacht upon your arrival, organize it comfortably beforehand from the comfort of your own home.
Choose from over 10,000 items from the JAM YachtSupply online catalog, safely and comfortably.

We are always at your disposal if you need any more information.
Just let us know how we can support you!


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